673 m²
Reception, theater:
100 people

Located on the 21st floor, the shape of the room is curved, forming a 360° circle, the floor is carpeted.

Purpose of use: displaying exhibitions, organizing conferences, festive events (with live music) or stand-up receptions.

Technical equipment:

Included in the price

  • 55″ screen
  • Speaker with microphone
  • Wi-Fi

Other facilities:

  • Leather-covered poufs
  • 40 folding chairs
  • Visit to the TV tower exhibitions
  • Free parking


Early morning event
8-10 a.m.
500 €
Evening event
7-11 p.m.
1000 €
  • Preparation and cleaning fee – 116,67 €/h
  • Additional charge for night time use, from 10 p.m. – 333,33 €/h

During the day, the price for private use of the room is negotiable. Additional information: tellimus@teletorn.ee.

Additional services:

VR flight – 4.17 €/flight

Photobox – 2.4 €/photo

Introduction to the TV Tower 30 min – 36 €

  • VAT is added to all prices.
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