Tallinn TV Tower invites great towers illuminate in the colours of the Estonian flag

On 24 February 2018, the Republic of Estonia turns 100 years old. Tallinn TV Tower invites all WFGT members around the world to illuminate their great monuments in the colours of the Estonian flag: blue, black and white.

The Tallinn TV Tower is Estonia’s highest building – the tower reaches 314 metres. The purpose of the Tallinn TV Tower foundation is to offer quality tourism, cultural and recreational services at the TV Tower and marketing the TV Tower as an international sight and experience tourism destination. The renovation of the TV Tower was supported by the Ministry of the Interior and the Enterprise Estonia measure for developing cultural and tourism sites of national importance, and co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund. The total cost of the renovation was 6.6 million euros. The TV Tower was reopened on 4 April 2012.

From 1 January 2013, the Tallinn TV Tower is an official member of a prestigious organization, the World Federation of Great Towers.

We kindly ask you to send us photos of grand monuments and landmarks that have been lit up: blue, black and white in addition to using the hashtag:  #teletorn  #EV100

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Estonia is the smallest and most Nordic of the Baltic countries in the northeast of Europe. With a population of 1.3 million, Estonia is one of Europe’s least densely populated countries. As the nation is in the midst of its first centenary celebrations, everyone is invited to be part of the greatest Estonian birthday party yet.
The Republic of Estonia celebrates its 100th on 24 February 2018 but no state is born in a day. The Estonian statehood emerged as a result of many key historic events, all of which merit commemoration. For that reason, this incredible event is being celebrated over three years.

The celebrations kicked off in April 2017 to mark a century since Estonia’s administrative borders took their current form, it will peak with events on a number of important dates taking place throughout 2018 and 2019, and come to a grand finale on the 2 February 2020 when the 100th anniversary of the Tartu Peace Treaty will be honoured.

One of the most important milestones in the history of this country is being highlighted by the Estonia 100 programme, bringing together all Estonians, Estonians living abroad, and friends of the country. We believe in celebrating together and the programme offers exactly that. Over 1 000 events and 800 gifts, both here in Estonia and abroad, already wait to be enjoyed. However, the official programme will stay open for all new ideas until the end of the celebrations.

Along with traditions, the concepts of progress and innovation are just as important for Estonia. After all, we are the country of Skype and e-residency. The aim of finding balance and synergy between the old and new, as well as heritage and innovation is our unfolding story. At the root of things is the deep connection to our history and at the top is a story of future and possibility through development and new technologies. This is reflected in the Estonia 100 programme — you can discover contemporary Estonian art and architecture or hike through the ancient forests of the country; feel the deep passion of Arvo Pärt’s music or get lost in the beats of new Estonian electronic music; take part in local folk traditions or immerse yourself in new ideas at a variety of hackathons.

During the anniversary year, Estonia will bring its culture to more than 30 locations around the world, but the greatest gift you can give is your time. Visit Estonia! Everyone is invited and everyone is most welcome.

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