Hold your special event at the Tallinn TV Tower!

The TV Tower can host all kinds of celebrations, from birthday parties, weddings, corporate and school events to Christmas and New Year’s festivities.   Hiring the premises gives you access to the soaring heights as well as possibilities on ground level. Larger parties can also be held in the outdoor area.

Possibilities for 20 to 4000 people!

Check out the gallery of the rooms!

Conference room on the ground floor

29 m²; U-shaped

by agreement
155€ /up to 4h | 275€ /up to 8h

Stained-glass hall on the 2nd floor

172 m²; theater

by agreement
up to 100
520€ /up to 4h | 825€ /up to 8h

Exposition hall on the 21st floor

673m²; reception/theatre

8-10 am / 7-11 pm
up to 100
610€ - 1220€

Restaurant on the 22nd floor

188 m²; banquet/theatre

7-11 pm
up to 100

Tunnel on the ground floor

600m², length 60m; reception/banquet/theatre

by agreement
up to 250
200 €/up to 4h; 400 €/up to 8h

Outdoor area

17 000m²

by agreement
up to 4000
by agreement

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  • The prices include VAT (22%).

With us, every event is very special. Dare to let your imagination soar and make your wishes come true in cooperation with us!

TV Tower facilities: