Tallinn TV Tower Foundation Privacy Policy

Keeping our customers and business partners data privacy has significant importance to Tallinn TV Tower Foundation. For that reason Tallinn TV Tower has drafted and follows this Privacy Policy covering processing of customers/business partners data in accordance with all relevant legal acts applicable in Estonia.

Collection and Use of Data

Tallinn TV Tower customers and business partners are private and legal persons. We collect data of our customers and business partners (being legal persons), to fulfill the agreements concluded with them, to provide service they have applied from us or for contacting them. Among other things we grant security of data mediums trusted us by our clients, excluding possibilities for unauthorized access and misuse of the data. We improve continually our security measures and information systems to grant uninterrupted and overall implementation of the referred obligations.

We share our customers data in the amount necessary to provide concrete service to our customers or in order to implement the agreements concluded with them (by disclosing such data to postal and courier service providers,  collection of payments service providers and banks) and also in order to fulfill relevant obligations deriving from legal acts (by disclosing relevant data to law enforcement authorities and administrative agencies).

We process our customers and business partners data currently only inside European Union or European Economic Area. If by virtue of the peculiarity of the service we provide to our customer, it appears necessary to process data also in third countries, we grant that relevant consent shall be applied from our customer as well as implementation of all relevant data protection measures similar to standards deriving from European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) shall be in place.

Customer data is processed by us following the principles of purposefulness and minimalism for the term and up to the amount necessary to implement the customers agreements.

Security and Protection of Data

Tallinn TV Tower applies relevant technical and prescriptive security measures to protect customers data privacy, granting through relevant business processes and information systems avoidance of accidental or illegal destruction, miscarriage and changing of data as well as unauthorized access and disclosure of data.

With regards to all questions or concerns engaged with Tallinn TV Tower’s Privacy Policy or details of data processing by us feel free to contact us by phone: +372 5911 9335 or e-mail: teletorn@teletorn.ee.