Fun for the whole family!

The TV Tower outdoor area has three distinct attractions for kids that can be enjoyed or with the whole family in the area – all of it free.

laste manguvaljak teletorn

A climbing lane, rappelling lane and game of lights on the ground will appeal to your little explorers!

laste mänguväljak teletorn


What else is there to do with kids at the TV Tower?

  • Read your own news item on the TV news
  • Discover the world’s skyscrapers on interactive screens
  • Stroll around the 21st storey permanent exhibition hall to see a panoramic view of Tallinn
  • Learn about   uniqueness of humanity
  • Celebrate children’s birthdays
  • Take part in a family day held every August at the TV Tower. It coincides with the Restoration of Independence Day and a large amount of military equipment will be on display and can be touched
  • Come and see death-defying BASE jumpers leap off the tower
  • Visit the TV Tower’s children’s mornings (Science Theatre performances)