Photo exhibition: LIGHT ENGRAVINGS


15.09.2022 - 31.03.2023

On the 21st floor of the TV Tower is opened a new photo exhibition by Jaan Künnap

This is how the author describes his work:

“Light painting is easy in photography – a dark room, a camera, a tripod and a torch. Exposure up to five minutes and the photo editing is minimal.

My pictures mimic engravings. This trend is called pitorealism in photography.

This word is used to denote both the style of photography in history and the international movement that was the most active between 1860s and the First World War.

The dominant school of photography in Europe at the 1920s was an approach close to impressionistic graphics.

Photo was more of an opportunity to depict reality like it could work through drawings, paintings or engravings, not so much a way to document actual life for the representatives of this school. They wished to portray beauty, harmony, abstractions, poetics, emotion, mysticism and symbolism.”

A ticket is requiered to the exhibition.