Celestial education day at the TV Tower

If you’re a teacher looking for a new and special environment to teach a subject in, the TV Tower education day package is perfect for you! We offer schools the chance to visit the TV Tower and spend a fun day of learning in a celestial environment. The TV tower gives the teacher a chance to hold class in the heights of the tower or on the ground. In the cinema on the second floor, teachers can use the film screen for presentations. There is also the option of walking up the stairs all the way to the 21st floor. On the observation deck on the 21st floor is a gene-related exhibition with a splendid view of Tallinn. There is an open observation deck on the 22nd floor. If desired, the teacher can also hold class on the outdoor grounds of the TV Tower. The package is suitable for all education levels from elementary forms to upper secondary school. This education programme is meant for teachers of either science or humanities subjects.