“I like to climb on trees”


10.01.2024 - 04.12.2024

artist: Karoline Lohe

curator: mortimer

It’s easy to forget the magic of summer and colors during the heart of winter. The exhibition encourages people to take notice of everyday life’s playfulness, beauty, small details, and mystery. You find yourself on a journey that takes you from a black-and-white everyday life to a colorful nostalgic dream world.

The exhibition consists of photos and drawings which blend into an insight into the artist’s diary. The whole is formed by the video in the second-floor stained glass window hall and by the works on the 21st floor.

Karoline Lohe is a 20-year-old second-year scenography student of EKA (Estonian Art Academy) with Ukrainian roots. She is inspired by Tove Jansson’s world, which can be felt from the works. The exhibition mixes together toys, nature, a child’s perspective, and brutal minimalism. You can often find Karoline in a forest – walking, adventuring, wandering. Her favorite trees are birches.

The works displayed in the exhibition are in recycled frames and are printed on recycled paper.