Five years have passed since the reopening of the Tallinn TV Tower

Five years have passed since the reopening of the Tallinn TV Tower

This Sunday, on 2 April at 11 a.m., the sixth stair run Tallinn TV-Tower Run 2017 will take place, celebrating the reopening of the TV tower. Over the last five years, the TV Tower has been visited 870,000 times, whereas foreign tourists make up 50% of visitors.

The distance of the TV Tower stair run is 170 metres on stairs, covering 870 steps. Starts are given between 11 a.m. to 12.30 p.m. and participants are allowed on the track on the ‘first come, first served’ basis with the interval of about twenty seconds. All enthusiasts in a fit physical condition starting from the age of 15 are welcome to participate. Altogether 250 competitors get the opportunity to take part in the stair run. Pre-register

The Tallinn TV Tower stair run competition belongs in the list of the WFGT (World Federation of Great Towers) Tower-running Challenge 2017 and offers local people the opportunity to put themselves to the test against other athletes across the world. The stair run is also the IV event in the Estonian SAUCONY Stair Run Cup 2017. Read more about the stair run here:

The main organizer of the TV Tower stair run is MTÜ Tallinna Tõusujooksud. In 2016, the fastest stair-runners were Rauno Tiits in the men’s categorywith 04.46 and Elery Zadonski in the women’s category with 05.56.

The absolute record in TV Tower stair-running is held by World Champion Piotr Lobodzinski from Poland (time: 04.10) since 2014.

The Tallinn TV Tower ( is a building established for broadcasting, but is also the tallest building in Estonia with its 314-metre tower. The Tallinn TV Tower Foundation seeks to provide high-quality tourism, culture and leisure services at the Tallinn TV Tower, and to advertise the TV Tower as an international sight-seeing object and an experience-tourism destination.

The reconstructed TV Tower was reopened on 4 April 2012. The Tallinn TV Tower is a member of the Word Federation of Great Towers (WFTG), which includes the tallest structures in the world.

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